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Banking was never so easy ... 



Right now we have the best opportunity. You want to have a bank!! 4 branches in the Caribbean!? 1200 Million dollars in deposits. We have 60% shares in a profitable bank ready yo be yours. Let us know you are interested and we will send you the profile sheet; You can do the due diligence yourself or hire a high level audit company, it's up to you. We will disclose all pertaining information once you show you are "capable" of purchasing not a single penny upfront. This is a one lifetime deal.

Investment in total is 65 million USD and has 320.000.000 in capital besides the deposit amounts. We ensure you will not loose any money in this deal. 

Call us +1.305.848.3387 or email, this is not a bank trick it's for real , Ichibank will go all in 10% of shares with you. We will place 6.5 Millions among your investment. 

Best deal ever,


Erick Martinez

CEO Ichibank.

September 7th/2020